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Bounce BACK2BUSINESS and Reboot Your Marketing

It’s time to refocus your attention on growing your business.

“Booster Bytes” is a collection of 10 small but smart info-bytes specially crafted to inspire, inform and BOOST your business marketing.

Download your free copy and start with the ACCE Checkup to uncover the gaps in your business that are crying out for your attention.

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Inside the Back2Business Booster Bytes

Business Marketing Scorecard

Every customer journey is a process of A.C.C.E. Attract + Convince + Convert + Engage

Complete the A.C.C.E. Checklist and discover the gaps in your marketing that need your attention to start attracting more customers to your business. Use your results to apply the techniques and strategies your business needs to convince, convert and engage with more leads.

After completing your scorecard – jump right in to the smart but small action steps that can bring about big changes.

So, tally up your scorecard, set those goals, prepare your task list and let’s get Back2Business.

It’s easier than you think to Attract, Convince & Convert your ideal customer. Give your business a boost!

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Tanya Euler

I’m Tanya – designer & digital marketer at Artifex Studio

Back2Business Booster Bytes is a little something I created to help you get your marketing mojo back.

Whether it be after the start of a new year, following on from a holiday, or if you’re planning a company cleanse – this handy guide is an opportunity to reassess and reorient yourself with your business marketing!

The collection of “Business Bytes” will help you take small action steps that can lead to big changes. The content is intended to be small “bytes” of information that can help inspire, inform and boost your business.

So set those goals, tally up your scorecard, prepare your task list and let’s get Back2Business.


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