beaudesert business card designbeaudesert business card designlogo designer near kingstonlogo designer near kingston
beaudesert business card design
beaudesert business card design
logo designer near kingston
logo designer near kingston
Custom Business Card Designs
Your business card should be as unique as you are. That’s why you deserve something better than templates and stock designs. We don’t work with stock designs. We create business cards with the business, customers, products and services in mind.

Business Card Design

We’ve been creating business cards for all industries, sizes, ages and locations for many years. Our business card designs are available in all sizes, stock types and featured embellishments.

Artifex Studio partner with local trade printers. This means we take care of all your business card design needs from the artwork design through to printing and delivery

Ask us about special treatments for your next design like:

  • Foil & metallic embellishments
  • Rounded corners
  • Folded cards
  • UV embossing
  • Coloured core cards
  • Buffalo board & linen stocks
  • Custom diecuts and specialty shapes
  • Magnetic business cards
  • Plastic business cards
  • Recycled and even 100% t-shirt cotton cards.

Professional business card design in Logan City

Looking for something special in your business card design? Make a lasting impression with an embellishment or a special finish! Beautiful business cards, with a touch of something special, is more affordable than you think.

Make your business card design stand out

So much of business today is about marketing within the digital space. But business cards remain an important marketing tool that helps build brand identity. Create a lasting first impression to be top of mind in your customers.

Artifex has over two decades of design experience. Each brand is different. Designing should be well-planned to match the brand’s needs. Understand what makes an impactful business card to avoid wasting time and resources.

Cards came by the way, the sales guys love them and have already had people comment on what a nice business card it is. Great work!

Nicky Flood - Eclipse Security

10 Business card design tips

  • Have them professionally printed: Printing your business card at home definitely won’t assure a good print. And printers like Vistaprint, while cheap, do not produce as exceptional a card as you deserve. Professional printing is consistent, classy and worth it. 
  • Add a call-to-action: Including a CTA to your business card design makes it more engaging to the receiver. Request they download your Lead Magnet and you are enticing them to walk further with your brand.
  • Double check your work: Always. Proofread. It’s unprofessional to see business cards with misspellings and unbalanced design. Avoid wasting prints and review your work before printing. Even if hiring a graphic designer, the proofreading is your responsibility.
  • Gimmicks are fun: Incorporate the form plus function motto. You want to stand out and retain the receiver’s attention – right?!. Your business card won’t end up in the trash if you have a useful and creative card design.
  • Avoid this common mistake: Fixed or straight edged borders can get misaligned during printing. When they are cropped they can also be uneven. So it is always best to avoid including border edges on a card.
  • Add special finishes: Enhance your business card design with a special finishes. Some styles to choose from are foil & metallic embellishments, emboss, and custom die-cuts. They are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be.
  • Try new materials: Create a simple but memorable business card design by choosing from different types of textured papers or use unconventional materials like plastic or wood. My latest business card is printed on 100% cotton t-shirts. They make a great talking point. AND better for the environment.
  • Use visuals: Don’t overwhelm your audience with details. Use visuals and white space. You can use one side for images or logo while the other side contains your contact details.
  • Only include necessary information: Don’t crowd the business card with irrelevant details. Key information to include: name of the company or contact person, contact details, and website.
  • Know the basic design principles: Check if the elements are balanced or the colour scheme fits how you want to represent your brand. Remember to make the typography legible, use CMYK unless working with spot colours, and use 300 dpi for best image reproduction.

Design, print, and delivery

Get a hassle-free business card service from us. We will provide all your business card design needs. From create the custom design and manage the printing and delivery services!

No need to worry about a business card that won’t fit your brand. We design based on your needs and goals; creating impact and connection.

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