Food packaging design and wine label graphic design for food industry producers

Artifex has been creating food packaging designs since 2010. Partnering with food and wine producers we create packaging to stand out on shelves.

We love working with food industry producers committed to their ongoing product development. Our aim is to create labels, cartons and packaging that deliver your brand experience.

You can trust Artifex Marketing Studio with your food product packaging design as we:

  • understand the creative process and the nature of last minute changes.
  • have working knowledge of the technical specifications and requirements when creating packaging.
  • know the importance of appealing to customers while delivering the brand experience.
  • have the patience and understanding you need as your find your way in the market.
  • give the attention to detail needed to deliver artwork files that meet printer specs.

Your food packaging design must make enough impact to grab the shopper’s attention. The right selection of graphics, colours, fonts, and information are all important factors. While the packaging design must capture attention it also must form a positive attitude in consumers to the product itself. This is the challenge, the art and science in food packaging design.

There is also a technical component to effective packaging. We liaise with your printer to ensure artwork files fit their templates and meet their specs.

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Our food packaging graphic design experience includes:

  • Food storage cartons
  • Direct to produce food stickers
  • Wine and alcohol label design artwork
  • Bread bag packaging design
  • Resealable produce food bags
  • Food container labels
  • Product brand concepts and development

Do you need a food packaging graphic designer?

Let's talk about your food & produce graphic design needs. You can trust our years of experience. We have the skill and attention to detail required to deliver professionally designed artwork files that meet printer specifications.

Food & produce packaging design tips

We’ve learned a thing or two during our years of designing food packaging, product labels and cartons. These are our top tips when planning food packaging designs:

  • Visit the shelves your product will sit on and consider the surrounding products. How can you catch your customers’ eyes by design?
  • Ingredient lists should appear in descending order calculated by either mass or volume.
  • Negative or reverse printing (white text on black background) can be difficult with small or thin fonts. Always test print. Don’t rely on how the label looks on screen.
  • When using clear labels, remember “white” cannot be printed in CMYK process printing. To print white on a clear label requires a Pantone spot colour print.
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