Membership website with manual admin approval

The Netopt website allows visitors to apply as a partner and reseller. Applications are manually approved by site administrators. Approved members then have access to content when logged in to the site. There are two levels of memberships with varied content accessible by each level. The manual approval process allows admin to check the validity of each applicant. The main features of this website include:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Restricted Content for Members Only
  • Members Only Portal
  • Membership Application with Admin Approval

Advisor login with online referral submissions

The Swift Legal website also includes a members only area in the format of an Advisor’s Portal. Advisors can login and submit referrals direct to their preferred Swift Legal office. With multiple branches, the website uses multiple contact forms and Google maps for each location. Our role in this project included:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Members Only Portal
  • Website Maintenance

Wholesale Only Access for Price

The Ithaca website is a true wholesale only website. Built on the Woocommerce plugin it has been converted from a shopping cart to an order/quote only function. The site requires visitors to register as a retailer and gain admin approval before getting access to the product prices. They can then select products and submit for a quote. The manual approval allows administrators to validate applications are legitimate retail outlets. Emails used during registration are automatically connected to their Mailchimp mailing list. Features of this project include:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Woocommerce Ecom
  • Conversion to Order/Quote Only Function
  • Mailchimp Integration