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Stand out in search engines like Google & get more enquiries and customers by improving your website SEO for your local area of Jimboomba, Flagstone and surrounding regions.

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Is your website attracting traffic and generating the number of new enquiries you need?

Are those enquiries from your ideal customer – someone who needs what you provide and is willing to pay what you ask?

If you hesitated or answered “No” you need a website that is optimised for search (search engine optimisation) AND it also needs to be optimised to attract your ideal customer.

If you are a small business based in Jimboomba, Flagstone or the surrounding regions who wants to transform an existing website into one that is a valued asset to the business and the best salesperson on team – we need to talk.

Increase Your Brand Awareness & Website Traffic with Local SEO Services

If your current marketing efforts isn’t cutting it, you need to focus on your local SEO activities. This will help increase awareness of your brand and attract visitors to your website who are looking for the products and services you offer.

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  • Whether your website is brand new or long established, it’s getting harder for your business to be noticed online. Competition is at an all-time high and standing out takes more effort and strategic thinking than ever before.
  • Our Local SEO service for Jimboomba businesses will help new customers find your business in Google, Google Maps, and Bing search results. When your website stands out in search results, it will generate higher quality visits that turn into qualified leads.
  • The more qualified leads you have in your sales pipeline, the more likely you will increase your income. It also means wasting less time with prospects that don’t convert into customers.

Trustworthy Jimboomba Based Digital Marketing Agency

Artifex Marketing Studio is a local digital marketing agency operating in Flagstone / Jimboomba for 20+ years. We have been helping local small business owners get found online since 2001.

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Have you been wondering…

How to get more enquiries and new customers from your website?

We value organic search traffic through local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services for increasing traffic, generating more enquiries and delivering quality leads. In fact, when it comes to delivering more traffic to a website, we prioritise local search over paid advertising because a well optimised web page can achieve the results you need:

  • attract traffic
  • drive action and
  • deliver enquiries.

Get Started with SEO for your Website

When you reach out to work with us, this is the process we follow to deliver your business with tangible SEO results. Some aspects may be tailored to fit your business’s goals and needs, but in general, this is how it works.

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STEP 1: SEO Consultation

We start with a call where you provide your current and future business goals, and we’ll let you know what to expect in the coming months. If it looks like a good fit and you confirm that you’d like us to work together, it’s time to get to work.

STEP 2: SEO Assessment & Strategy Creation

We kick off your project with an SEO Assessment of your website. This tells us what’s working well and what isn’t. With the results of the SEO Assessment, we create the SEO Strategy best suited to your website and business goals.

STEP 3: SEO Quickstart

Once you approve the recommended strategy, we get to work by putting it into action. The aim at the start is to build a solid SEO foundation. We do this by following a holistic approach to SEO that focuses on the 4 pillars of SEO – 1. Technical SEO; 2. Content; 3. On-site Optimisation; 4. Off-site Optimisation

STEP 4: SEO Monthly Services

After we have established a solid SEO foundation for your business, the (optional) SEO monthly services are for ongoing maintenance of the website’s search optimisations plus it can include much needed content creation strategies for continual growth. An initial commitment of 3 months is recommended.

Jimboomba SEO Packages and Pricing

SEO Assessment


Not sure where to start? An SEO Assessment is the ideal starting point as it allows us to identify exactly where your website is today and create a roadmap for growth. We’ll help you gain a clear understanding of your SEO strengths and opportunities. The aim of this one-time project is to build a strategy to increase traffic from search engines.

SEO Quickstart


SEO QuickStart is a one-time project to build a solid SEO foundation for your website, completed over the course of 2-3 months. It will be constructed using the four pillars of SEO: technical SEO, content, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO. Once your SEO foundation is in place, you can focus on incremental monthly improvements based on your goals and budget.

Ongoing SEO (from)


With your SEO foundation in place, SEO monthly services are for the ongoing maintenance of the website’s search optimisations plus it can include much needed content creation strategies for continual growth. We continue to build on the 4 pillars of SEO through implementation of the SEO Assessment’s strategy to improve local search ranking.

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Common Questions about our Jimboomba SEO Services

  • We cannot guarantee you a position one ranking in Google – no one can. However, after completing the SEO Assessment we will have a better idea of the opportunities available for improving your website’s search optimisation. The reports we include in the monthly SEO services help us track and provide evidence of the gains being made.

  • The SEO Assessment and SEO Quickstart are both one-off projects. The SEO Assessment is the starting point, it’s up to you whether you continue on to step 2 the SEO Quickstart. From there, it is up to you whether you continue on to the monthly service.

    With our SEO Monthly Service, we highly recommend that you commit to an initial 3 months as your website needs that time to get traction and to start delivering movement in your search rankings. Monthly payments are up front at the beginning of each month. You can cancel anytime for the following month ahead.

  • We offer three levels of service in our monthly SEO packages, of which 2 tiers include content creation and blogging.

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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Are you a part of the experience?

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