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2 Things You Must Ask Your Logo Designer Before They Start

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Are you looking at having your logo designed by a local logo designer or an online logo design service? Or, have you been quoted for a logo design that is an amazing bargain offer?! If so, keep reading before you take it any further.

Many of the cheap logo design options do not include the absolute essential logo file types your business WILL need. So here are 2 requests you must ask your logo designer.


ONE: Will you supply as a vector graphic?

Insist they supply your logo as a vector graphic, not just a jpeg. If they do not know what you mean by this – walk away now! A vector graphic is a special type of file that can be scaled to any size. Think business card size to billboard size without any image quality loss. A Jpeg however, will go fuzzy. Some typical vector file types are EPS, AI (Adobe Illustrator) and PDF. You will also need an EPS for embroidery purposes.

Request both a PDF and an EPS file. Both of these are typically vector file formats, however you need special software to open the EPS file, the PDF you will be able to open and see. Also, it is possible to have a PDF that is still a Jpeg graphic, so asking for both is the best precaution. You can make a jpeg from an EPS or PDF but you cannot vice versa.

With a vector file format, EPS or PDF, you are then set for every imaginable logo usage – online and inprint.


TWO: Will you be using stock files?

How important is it to you, that your logo is a unique creation with YOUR business alone in mind? Or, how about the legalities – that it passes copyright and usage conditions? If you are looking at the cheaper logo design options readily available, especially through discount websites, then you may want to check whether the designers use predesigned illustrations, clipart or stock images. Are they designing a unique, custom logo for you?

I have seen seemingly awesome designs, given at a very low price, and then the business owner discovering their logo online and in use by other businesses or websites, because it was not custom designed just for them. Their disappointment is understandable. But so to, are the reasons why designers use the stock illustrations in order to create something fast and for cheap. In some instances, these predesigned illustrations are not legally allowed to be used as a logo.

Making those 2 requests above will ensure you do not have to request another designer, down the track, to convert or recreate the logo – saving you time, money and frustration.


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