Our website audits identify the issues on your website that need fixing to increase online traffic and deliver a better experience to your customers.

If you have a website that’s not giving you the results you hoped for … well, the truth is there are many factors that come in to play. It could be issues with your website’s messaging and branding, or it coud also be due to unseen technical and content problems.

We use industry software that diligently digs through your entire site to find and audit every resource, both internal and external. It performs a site crawl analysis just like Google, identifying technical and SEO errors that need addressing.

A website audit helps you get better results from your website through a combination of:

Technical Audits

  • revealing every issue on your site that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience
  • for every error found, you’ll get a list of pages it affects, along with simple how-to-fix instructions
  • assessing the SEO health of any web page and any keyword, based on the web pages of your top ranking competitors and your own on-page stats.

SEO Audits

  • delivering keyword and URL specific optimisation advice
  • reverse-engineering your competitors’ strategies to see what makes them rank high

Content Optimisation Audits

  • analysing your content – highlighting what needs changing for better search rank
  • optimising your pages’ title and meta description tags and previewing your Google snippet
website audits

At the end of the Audit we provide you with a multi-page report which outlines all the fixes needed. You can then give the report to your web developer to apply to your site, or we can implement them for you. Your Website Audit will also include a video explaining our findings for you.

If you want to find out how your website compares to your competition and how to make it better Start Your Website Audit here.

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