KEEP YOUR WEBSITE UP-TO-DATE AND SECURE with our Security Smart & WebAssist Website Maintenance

You have invested in a website. But, are you protecting that investment by keeping it up to date with your latest news, products, services, offers and, most importantly, software/theme/plugin versions?

Our SECURITY SMART and WEBASSIST WEBSITE MAINTENANCE plans will keep your website looking polished, professional and SECURE – for you and your customers.
If you’re looking to take your digital marketing to the next level, then our PLUS plan includes implementation and maintenance of your online lead generation sales funnel strategy as well.  Note: the initial implementation of the lead gen strategy may require more time than the monthly 3 hour limit
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A website maintenance plan that takes care of all your website security related upgrades. Perfect for those who are happy updating their content and blog posts but not confident with backups and upgrades.

  • Offline Backups
  • CMS Upgrades
  • Theme & Plugin Upgrades*
  • Security Health Checks
  • Online Marketing Advice
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Up to 1 hour/month
  • No lock-in contract, cancel any time

* Possible license renewals not included



WebAssist takes care of all your security upgrades, content updates, SEO & analytics needs. It’s the plan for those who want to focus on business but are intent on keeping their site on track for increased website visits.

  • Security Smart Inclusions +
  • Content Updates
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Implementation & Monitoring
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Google Business Listing Management
  • Up to 2 hours/month
  • No lock-in contract, cancel any time


WebAssist PLUS takes the standard WebAssist Maintenance Plan to the next level. In addition to the WebAssist inclusions, PLUS adds on other online marketing campaigns and graphic design activities and tasks including:

  • WebAssist Inclusions +
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Landing Page Development
  • Lead Magnet Development
  • Sales Funnel Implementation
  • Content Writing Help
  • Script Writing
  • Up to 3 hours/month
  • No lock-in contract, cancel any time
After developing websites for over 15 years, the one trend we have noticed, is that those business owners who actively maintain their website content and systems enjoy greater success in their business online AND greater peace… free from the stresses of a compromised or hacked website and the expense of developing a completely new site because the old one is just too out of date to upgrade easily.

Why Does Website Maintenance Matter?

Most websites are built using scripts and these scripts age over time. Website hackers look at these scripts and work out ways they can use them to cause damage to your website, send spam, install viruses onto your visitor computers and worse. If you have contact forms, they will use them to send out millions of spam emails globally. If you have login forms, they will constantly attempt to login to break passwords.

This activity is perpetrated by mini programs that run automatically. It is happening all the time, never stopping. The best way to guard against it – is by running the latest versions of website software, themes and plugins AND having strong, secure passwords.

Upgrades to software, themes, plugins & security checks
Keeping website scripts up-to-date is the surest way of protecting it from being compromised and hacked. Using a suite of online tools, we regularly check your site for malware detections and monitor suspicious website traffic and activity, potentially blocking harmful software and visitors.

Offline backups of your website 
Regular offline backups of your site becomes a life saver if your web host has a system failure, is severely compromised by hackers or if your website is hacked and your host provider does not keep automatic backups.

Content and image updates, graphic design
WebAssist plans offer further management of your online presence with updates to text, images, menus, pages and posts. It includes the design of special graphics for  slideshows, social media posts, email and online marketing.


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