Business logo design and business branding for new businesses and rebrands

Starting a new business, or building a brand, always begins with the business logo design. We can help create your business logo design in one of two ways, either:

You have an image in mind, or an idea of how you want it to look, but need a designer to turn that into a digital image – or
You have no idea of where to begin and need a logo designer to create logo design concepts that you can choose from. Reworking those concepts into the business logo design you can launch with.

Artifex works in both scenarios. We understand that for some, the business logo will be meaningful to them. They want it to be a professional reflection of something they’ve visualised. But there are also those who struggle with visualising images, especially one that will stand the test of time.

Artifex has been designing logos for over two decades. We create new logos and brand identities for business startups and rebrands for existing businesses.

I love the way Tanya can take an idea out of my head and turn it into a picture. She is truly gifted in this area and I recommend her to everyone.
Sharon Mills

Trainer, Success Puppy Training

Custom character logo design

We love creating custom character logo designs. They are the perfect way to create a unique-to-you design and inject personality into your brand.

The Mack Engineering logo below, was based on the principle owner’s tattoo. Scuttlebugg was inspired by the personality and traits of its principle owner while incorporating industry characteristics. And then Kings Footlong is an adaptation of the product itself – strong, cheeky, and tasty sausages with a hint of Germanese.

If you have a quirky character in mind, but haven’t found a way to turn it into a reality, then I invite you to contact me. Let’s see if we can take the image in your mind and create a truly unique character.

character logo designer jimboomba
pest control logo character design
custom character logo design
food truck character logo

Rebrand existing business logo

Sometimes there comes a point when a business looks for a brand refresh, and the logo is often where it starts.

It’s common for a business that’s been operating for 20+ years to reach the point where the logo no longer represents their values. Competing businesses have evolved with a fresh rebrand or new businesses have entered the scene with a modern outlook. It’s important that your business doesn’t get left behind. A review of the business logo design and its wider branding and messaging is the place to start.

Sometimes a business name change, or change in ownership, sees the need for a logo and brand review. While brand recognition is a valuable asset, the customers’ perception is equally important.

Artifex has helped well-established businesses update its brand with a new business logo design. Some need a completely new design concept as they take on a new story and company direction. Whereas others have required a modern update to the existing style.

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Product brand development

Are you are an established business that manufactures products? We can work with you to develop brand concepts through to the final brand identity. Artifex has worked with manufacturers creating a range of brand concepts for products, through to creating the packaging artwork using the final logo and brand.
Organic Brand Product Development logo
Food Brand logo design
Veg Grower Food Brand logo design
Food Brand Development

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