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How to Ask for Google Reviews in 4 Easy Steps

Search Engine Marketing

Did you know that collecting Google business reviews can actually improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), increase credibility and let it be known far and wide how amazing your business actually is?

How to ask your customers for a Google business review.

Here’s a step by step guide to help you navigate asking that tricky question and help build your business reputation for years to come.

Step 1 – Be confident and ask

Don’t beat around the bush, send your happy, satisfied customers a direct email. Keep it short, sweet and be sure to personalise each email to make your customers feel special. Keep it casual!

The best time to ask for a review, is right after you have successfully finished working on your customer’s project or completed the sale. They will be basking in the glow of your job well done. Take advantage of this time – quickly.



Step 2 – Make it quick and easy by including a link to your Google listing review

Let your customer know, that leaving a review is quick and easy with one click. Make it as easy as possible for your customers and clients to leave a review by including a direct link to where they can enter one. If you ask for a review but fail to add a link to your Google listing, it’s unlikely you will receive those all important reviews. There is a bit of a process to get the correct link but once you’ve copied it you can use it again and again.

Here’s how to get the link for your Google Review:

  • Login to your Google business account
  • Click on the Google apps button (top right of the screen) and then click on the Business Profile icon
  • Click on the Business category which is at the top and then on your business name
  • Once in your business profile manager, make sure you are in the home category and scroll down to the board that says “Get More Reviews”. Click on the button that says “Share Review Form”.
  • Copy the link provided and ensure you add this to your drafted email ready to ask for those reviews!

Step 3 – Share your review link everywhere

Once you’ve completed sending your personalised review emails to those happy, satisfied customers – be sure to add your Google business review link to all the business social media platforms including your Linkedin profile and email signature. It might also be beneficial to pop a few posts on your social accounts with a friendly message and the link.

Step 4 – Respond to your reviews

When those positive reviews start to roll in it’s important to respond to them directly. Not only does this make the customer feel valued it will be one more small measure to help your SEO even further.It feels good to receive positive reviews from your customers and know you’re on track with your business. People like websites and businesses that are recommended and trusted by others and so the more positive reviews you get the more traffic you might receive.

We hope our little step by step guide will help you on your way to success!


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