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Are Banners and Flags Good For Business?

Traditional Marketing

Are you unsure if a banner or flag is a good option for your business? Get the low down on all the banner design and print things here.
Visibility is one of the most important things in marketing. You can use online platforms to promote your business and services but traditional advertising is all about being local. It complements your digital ads and amplifies your promotion in your target location.

Catch the attention of passers-by in an instant and increase their curiosity about your business, services, or event with banners and flags. These are perfect if you’re looking for long-term and easy to maintain attention grabbers.

Banners and Flags

Banners and flags are cost-effective promotional materials in different shapes and sizes. These are often custom-printed materials used by businesses for advertising events, raising brand awareness, or simply as signage. It helps you gain passive attention and connect to people within a specific location.

Banners and flags are easy to assemble and remove. The reusable and customizable feature makes them ideal for advertising. These are still used today because they’re effective and relatively cheap.

Opt for a Professional Graphic Designer

Before we get into the different types of banners and their best usages, I encourage you to seek out a professional graphic designer to create your banner design and print. The printer/supplier of your banner does not always have a professional designer in-house, so you may need to find the designer first.

Location Matters: I’m sure you’ve walked down a street filled with stores and businesses and have been bombarded with a visual overload of signs, banners and A-frames – all vying for your attention. If your designer is aware of how and where you plan to use your banner, they will know the best way to design it so to stand out from the competition. Even in cases where your banner or flag will be isolated from the crowd, a design that purposefully works with the surrounding environment will be more successful at achieving its purpose.

Purposeful Intent: Being aware of the purpose of the banner is important too. If your banner is to be used at expos and tradeshows, their aim is to draw the attention of attendees, when caught they should then be approached by the sales team with an accompanying brochure they can take away. Overloading the banner with too much information can actually do you a disservice. Again, a professional graphic designer will understand the marketing goals and apply that to the design content itself.

Now, what are all the different types of banners and which is your best option?

Choose the right type for your business

Some marketing efforts are more effective on irregularly shaped materials like flags. Here are the most common types of banners and flags that may suit your promotional needs:


  • Feather flags the most common type of flag. It moves with the wind breeze which helps grab people’s attention, making them perfect for outdoors.
  • Sailing flags – has a curved top with a scooped bottom which creates a sailing effect. Like feather flags, this type also moves along naturally with the wind.
  • Teardrop flags shaped like a teardrop, these flags are used for promoting sales events and grand openings. These are static compared to feather and sailing flags.
  • Rectangle flags ideal for giving information or promotions with longer text since it varies in sizes and width.



  • Pull-up banners – these are great for trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions because you can display more details or attention-grabbing image. The vertical orientation of these banners is convenient for smaller spaces. Best suited for use indoors.
  • Pop-up banners – this type of banner has several dimensions and types like a pod, shuttle, or oval. The unconventional shape grabs people’s attention. It’s also lightweight like other banners and flags.
  • Snap-frame display – commonly used in cafes and bars. The display can be changed easily so it’s great to use if you have a competitor around the area or if you are frequently changing your marketing message.

Create effective banners and flags

Your banners and flags reflect your business. Here are some tips for your banners and flags:

  • Choice of colour – use colours well associated with your brand or event. Ensure an impactful colour combination by using a contrast of warm and cool colours.
  • Concise words – fewer words will grab the attention of the audience. White spaces help make texts legible from a distance
  • Use images – use powerful images or anything that features what you are promoting. Do not clutter the space with small images
  • Add your logo – increase brand visibility and ensure that you have it so passers-by will associate the event with your brand
  • Choose quality materials – use quality materials. If a banner is too light or can’t block sunlight glare, it won’t help you deliver your message

pullup banner design   pullup banner printing

Different stocks used for printing pull up banners

You can’t just have a banner, you need one made from good quality materials. Different printers use different stocks which contributes to the durability, quality, and pricing of the banners.

Materials can have a huge effect on your banners and flags so choose one that fits your needs. Some common stocks include:

  • Matte Polyester Film – a non-reflective matte finish material that is durable and fade-resistant. This is good material for indoor or temporary outdoor events.
  • Gloss Polyester Film – this is a fade-resistant and durable material. The colour appears vibrant against it. Grey backing can help prevent the light from creating glare. This is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cloth –  satin cloth are wrinkle resistant, lightweight, and washable. But this is also a durable material ideal for indoor use. Look for a non-reflective matte finish if your banner requires high readability.
  • PVC film – also known as vinyl banners. These are waterproof and resistant to tears, scratches, and sunlight. These are ideal for any type of event since it’s durable and can be hung from almost anywhere.

How businesses use banners and flags

Businesses need to maximize the number of people they can reach. Make your campaign stand out through repetition and brand association with banners and flags. These materials work well for any industry.

Businesses have unique needs but most of them use banners and flags for the following::

  • To boost sales
  • For promoting products, services, business, and events
  • To grab audience attention and spark curiosity from passers-by
  • As an informational tool for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and other events
  • As an enticing fixture in front of your business area
  • To draw attention to your premise especially for home-based workers expecting a client on a specific day
  • For 24/7 advertising since it doesn’t have an expiration compared to digital ads

Benefits of using banners and flags

Creating an effective campaign for your business takes time and effort. Here’s why banners and flags are great for your promotional needs:

  • Affordable – these are cheaper compared to billboards and their longevity can reach up to 12 months.
  • Easy to assemble – attach the poles together, slide the print down over the pole, stick the flag into its base, and you’re done! It’s as easy to remove as it was to assemble.
  • Light and portable – easily transport and install your banners without a fuss.
  • Various sizes available – these are tall but also light and compact. Another good thing about flags and banners is how it uses vertical space so you can strategically use them when limited space is available.
  • Durable – these are made with plastic which makes it durable to different weather conditions. The material also makes it reusable and great for repetitive use!
  • Customizable – you can make it attention-grabbing because it’s customizable and easy to print. Show off your event through good designs and vibrant visuals!
  • 24/7 Advertisement – no need to guard the flags every hour. The flag advertises as long as it’s standing, unlike digital marketing that expires. And there’s a smaller chance that you have lots of competition in one area.
  • Versatile – you can create flags with different designs and you can place a number of flags or banners in one place! Each design can be replaced over time. Reuse the poles and replace the prints if you just need to make changes for an event.

Flag Banner Design Print   banner design and print

Where to place banners and flags

Banners and flags are popularly known as an outdoor marketing tool. But they’re great for indoor events too! Here are some places where you can add banners and flags:

Outdoor locations:

  • Outside your business establishment
  • Side of roadways
  • Sidewalks
  • Posts
  • Retail parking lots
  • Grass lawns
  • Other frequently passed locations

Indoor locations:

  • Outside your house (for home-based work)
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • School or mini event display

Start making a statement with your banner design and print

With banners and flags for your business, you will always have curious audiences to look forward to. Utilise these promotional materials because they are cost-effective, space-efficient, reusable, portable and customizable! It’s definitely a beneficial addition to your business and marketing campaigns.

We offer banners made of 340gsm premium polyester and can withstand different weather conditions. Plus, these are tear and scratch-resistant too!

Looking for a durable, well-designed banner? Contact us about your next banner design today.

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