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Christmas Card Marketing – does it matter?

Traditional Marketing

It is November and the fist batch of fruit mince pies have hit the store shelves. We are entering in to THE SEASON!

It is around this time that thoughts of Christmas marketing SHOULD start to cross our minds. Business Christmas Cards are one form of marketing that may have lessened in popularity since the rise of online communication. This post will touch briefly on whether Christmas Cards are still a valid marketing tool.

Keep In Touch Marketing

Christmas Cards fall into the “keep in touch” marketing category. Too many times businesses see marketing as a means of lead generation, conversion and sales. However, marketing is also about building and maintaining the relationship with your existing customers. “Keep in touch” marketing offers the opportunity to maintain a helpful, beneficial relationship with your customers that may still result in new sales or referrals.

Hopefully you already keep in touch with your existing customers in a consistent way (think email marketing, phone call followups, social media engagement). Therefore, a Christmas Card is simply another (sincere) way you can tailor your communication with them on an individual basis. Yes – individually, hand written notes on the inside is a must.

Snail Mail says “You are special”

So much of our communication today is taking place across our screens, receiving a tangible something in the mail is now an exciting highlight for most of us – providing it is not a bill of course. What once was old has become new again!

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to thank your customers for their business throughout the year and a way to show them that you do value their ongoing support.

3 tips to getting it right

When sending your Christmas Card keep in mind:

  1. A hand written, short, personal message goes a long way in showing you have thought of them personally, it is not a time for mass mailing.
  2. Have them in the mail by December 10 to ensure they are there prior to business closing for the holiday. You definitely do not want them to arrive after Christmas – the “specialness” will be lost.
  3. Don’t include your business card or special promotion offers. This is not a sales activity. Trying to include that will destroy the intent of the message – appreciation of the business they have already supplied.

Should you go with branded cards or store bought?

Whether you choose to have custom designed cards that incorporate your business branding or simple store bought cards is completely between you and your marketing budget. Obviously any marketing activity is an opportunity to develop and build on your business recognition, and this occurs most effectively when your branding is incorporated. However, the key purpose in Christmas Card marketing is to acknowledge your appreciation of your customers, so don’t allow the cost of custom design Christmas Cards stop you from doing that. Store bought cards are still a valid tool – it is the thought, and the message you write within that matters more.

Keeping in touch with your customers matters. How better to show your appreciation than a personalised message. The Christmas Card provides the perfect means for both, and… it may well become an effective route to building more business for the new year soon to follow.



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