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5-1 Checklist Webpage Optimiser

Websites That Work

Use this basic 5-1 checklist for optimising your website pages so to get better search results for your online website marketing.

  1. Write a keyword rich title for each page of your website.
  2. Check that your website has a description Meta Tag using your keywords. Do this in most browsers by selecting “View > Page Source” – it should appear in the top part of the page before the BODY tag.
  3. Include your preferred keywords in the title tags of each webpage H1, H2 and H3.
  4. Include your preferred keywords in the ALT attribute of your images IMG tags.
  5. Include your keywords in text links. For example, instead of writing “Click Here” you should use “Find more pet friendly accommodation in the Scenic Rim”. Where pet friendly accommodation in the Scenic Rim is the preferred keyword phrase.

These are just the basics of search engine optimisation but still a good place to start. You should also consider bolding keywords and phrases within the content text of your webpages. And where, possible include keywords in the URL address of the page, so if the page is about “webpage optimisation” try and include the phrase in the URL – like this page for example.

The number 1 mistake made by most websites…..having “welcome to our website”, “about us” and “contact us” as the title of your web page. The title page is one of google’s key sources for keyword identification – yet how many of us search for “contact us”? Just a thought to ponder…

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