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Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

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What is a “Mobile Friendly” website?

A “mobile friendly” (or mobile responsive) website is one that correctly displays the content of a website on small screens. The site adapts to whatever size screen it’s being displayed on. Regardless of what device a visitor is using to access your site, they’ll see all of the content you have to offer and they’ll see it in a readable way. As the screen gets smaller, the elements of the website page will “stack” differently. A mobile friendly website will typically:

  •  be easy to read on a small screen
  •  be easy to navigate, access the menu and click on links
  •  be quick to load

How can I tell if my website is “mobile friendly”

If your website looks the same on your mobile as it does on your desktop or laptop computer then that is a fair indication that it is NOT mobile friendly. If you notice that elements on your website page move around as the screen size gets smaller (and still looks good) then it most likely is mobile friendly.

You can quickly check if your website is mobile friendly by using this free tool >
Simply enter your website URL and the test will analyse your site and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.

Why do I need a mobile friendly website?

With the age of using mobile devices for internet browsing well and truly with us, the need for a mobile friendly website has never been higher. A mobile site will not only allow mobile users to access your website more easily, thus increasing traffic to your website, but Google now ranks mobile responsive sites higher in their search engine results page than those that aren’t.

Google recommends responsive web design, meaning your responsive designed site will rank as well on mobile search as a site designed specifically for mobile. So NOT having a mobile responsive site WILL impact your search rank results.
If your business services local customers, then it is likely that they have used their mobile to find out something about you and what you offer. Your location, your phone number, information about your product or service, your menu, sales… and if their experience in doing this was an easy one, then that is a green tick for your business. However, if their experience was difficult (because they couldn’t easily use or navigate your website on their mobile, or find the information they were looking for) then that is a big red cross and something that needs to be ammended. Always leave your customers with a pleasant experience whether that is in store, online or on mobile.


Mobile Friendly Website Here are some statistics from Google that might help you decide whether a mobile responsive site is best for your business…

  •  Retail Businesses: 36% of those researching clothing and footwear online used their smartphone to do so. (source: Consumer Barometer with Google Australia)
  • Auto Mobile Businesses: 35% – the increase in the number of automobile searches done on a mobile year on year by the beginning of 2014(source: Digital Drives Auto Shopping, commissioned by Google, November 2013
  • Cosmetic Retail Business: 41% of those researching cosmetics online used their smart phone to do so. (source: Consumer Barometer with Google Australia)
  •  Local Businesses: 48% of people with a smartphone visit a business after a local search (source: Our Mobile Planet Australia, Actions taken after Local Search 2013)

It’s worth it

Switching over to a responsive web design may be a challenge for you. However, depending on how your website has been built it may also be a lot simpler than you think. But with the way the industry is moving, it’ll prepare you for the future, and put you a step ahead of your competitors.

If you want to know more about a mobile friendly website for your business, then contact Artifex Marketing Studio today. We can assess whether your website is already mobile responsive, and help you switch it over if needed.

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