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The One Thing New Business Startups Are NOT Doing – and soon regret!

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In this article:

  • The [surprising] name check you must do before registering the business name
  • Why social media usernames should be the same
  • How to choose your social media username

Are you starting up a new business – or thinking about it?

If you are, don’t go down the path that leads towards STUCK or SORRY. Take this super quick 10 Second Checkup to see if the business name you’re thinking of will work for you.

The video above shares the stories of two new business owners and the issue they faced when it came time to set up their Facebook and Instagram pages. Neither had first checked if the name they were planning to use for the business was available to them in Facebook, Instagram and as a domain URL. One had already registered the name, and boy was it a pain to come up with a variation they could use, unfortunately they had to be different for each platform. YUCK! The other business however, had not yet registered the name, so in discovering they weren’t able to get the domain and Facebook page they wanted, they simply changed to option B.

So, before you register your business name make sure you:

Take the 10 SECOND CHECKUP: Go to namevine.com to see if your preferred name is available on social media and as a website URL

Then… Check your governments business registry site > in Australia it is https://www.asic.gov.au/

Check the trademark register for similar brands/products in the same class  > in Australia it is www.ipaustralia.gov.au


Why Should Your Social Media Usernames Be The Same?

Considering social media when deciding on a business name probably seems silly to you! However, if you consider it more thoughtfully you just might reconsider.

You’ll Be Easier To Find

Using a standardised name eg @yourbizname across social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube…) makes it easier for others to remember you. Once they are familiar with your @username they will know how to find you on the other platforms. Someone might follow you on Facebook and decide they want to start using Instagram. You don’t want them struggling to find or remember you.

You’ll Be Easier To Share

The ideal scenario in social media is for your followers to tag your business in their posts. EG “Loving this berry bowl I just bought @yourusername”. Again, if you have the same username that closely matches your business name, it makes it so much easier for your supporters to do that.

You’ll Be Easier To Promote

Having the same @username also makes it easier in the other areas of your marketing. Think business cards, banners, flyers, signage – one username is simpler to work with than having different ones for different platforms. It looks much tidier as well.


What Should Your Username Be?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a social media username exactly as you want it to be, as there are so many millions of accounts that have already snapped them up. That’s why I recommend business owners check their availability first, before they officially register the business name, as the results may require a name change. Ideally, see if you can:

Use a shortened derivation of your organisation’s name.

Don’t make it too long. Long @usernames can be problematic when social platforms have character limitations; they become prone to being incorrectly spelled; and they’re harder to fit in small spaces like business cards.

Keep it relevant for longevity. Your @username will be with you for the long haul, so I tend to not include locations, age related or fad terms that in 5 years time may not be relevant.


I like Namevine.com as it also offers suggestions for name variations, but another cool tool is namechk.com

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