Profitable Project Plan Review

Profitable Project Plan review

This year I enrolled into the Profitable Project Plan program. Only the best decision I’ve made in my business for 15 years. If you’re building a web design business – read my personal review.

106 Lead Funnel Case Studies

Simple Lead Funnel System
As you hopefully already know, lead generation is the lifeblood of any business.Without leads, without prospects, you don’t have a business.The problem is, most entrepreneurs struggle with generating quality leads.That’s why I was thrilled when I heard that Russell Brunson just came out with a massive compilation of the most successful and profitable Lead...

SOPs For Beginners – Standard Procedures For a Better Business

Standard operating procedure
A simple mistake in a business operation can disorient workflow and lead to lesser quality output. That’s why organising procedures is important for any business owner. Creating and documenting procedures avoids mishaps and provides a more structured organisation. What is an SOP? Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is a set of instructions, or documentation, that outlines...

Sales Funnel Explained – Stages of the funnel (part 1 of 3)

Sales Funnel Explained
Updated April 2021 This Sales Funnel Explained Series is for business owners who want to know how to increase their leads and customers. There is a method to increasing sales and the SALES FUNNEL provides a framework to achieving that goal. The series is in 3 parts:The Stages of the Funnel The Marketing Tools...

Tips For Creating Your Perfect Logo Design

drawing logo on computer
In this article:3 things to consider before you have a logo designed The 4 elements of a logoAfter finalising the business name, the logo design is almost ALWAYS the next step. BIG HINT > make sure you have finalised the name and have its registration approved before starting on the logo (well, before...

The One Thing New Business Startups Are NOT Doing – and soon regret!

In this article:The name check you must do before registering the business name Why social media usernames should be the same How to choose your social media usernameAre you starting up a new business - or thinking about it? If you are, don't go down the path that leads towards STUCK or SORRY....

What is your One Thing? How to make your business shine in the marketplace

customer experience
There isn't much in this world that is truly unique - is there? Including in business, finding a product or service that no other business offers is rare. If found, its uniqueness is short lived, as others are quick to replicate.How then, can YOUR business stand out in the crowded marketplace?As I reflect on my...

How Website Maintenance Affects Your Business

website maintenance

I had some fantastic feedback from our email last month about your Business’ Judgement Day. Yes it really was a true story! You can read it again here if you missed it (it was during the holidays after all).

There were 2 questions that were commonly asked by many of you…

“How does website maintenance, or lack of it, really affect my business?”
“What am I actually getting for my money each month?”
Good questions from great people. Here is what you need to know!…