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The Morning’s Washing

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Do you ever get to work and then “it” strikes….eek, “Did I turn the iron off?” or “Ah, I forgot to hang the clothes out!” or (in my case) “Did I bring the cat tray inside?”

My working day typically starts around 9.00. Yesterday ‘it’ hit at 11.00 and I realised I hadn’t hung the clothes out? So, at 11.05 it was mouse down and out to the clothes line – that is when I realised another thing I LOVE about working from home. While I was pegging, I remembered back to my school days – the rush and pressure to have the sweeping, dishes and washing hung before 8.30. And oh, how harassed my mum would be as the seconds hand ticked past 8.30 and we still weren’t finished. Pressured to get it all done, so I will get to school and she will get to work on time.

You know, there are many parts of my job as a work from home mum, that brings me the guilts. Such as, not switching the computer off and spending time with the girls, or maybe letting the day pass without making the beds. But there are so many other hassles that my family don’t have to deal with because I don’t have to travel to work each day – like that morning time battle of my youth to get out the door on time and with all the work done.

They won’t know about those hassles, and so won’t be able to compare the pros and cons of a mum working from home. But, at least I can, and that will help me get to sleep tonight with at least one less fleck of guilt on my shoulder.

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