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Does your procrastination look like this? Get to solve it.

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This is my daily battle. Always attacking around 11.00am it will persist all day if I don’t grab it, overpower it and overcome. Procrastination. Does is a menace with you too? How does it look for you and how do you deal with it?

For me, it is having a task list in front of me. Usually on paper. I’ve started off fairly strong and have the first 1-2 tasks checked off. But of course, I did start with the easier, more enjoyable tasks for the day. I’ve most probably had a morning tea break which includes some time away from the computer screen and a coffee. And then I am back, ready to knock off the next item on my list.

This is when it hits. The PROCRASTINATOR.

First, I check if there is anything simpler to kick off with. No. Though they do all offer a financial reward if I were to get them finished (but that’s rarely enough motivation).

First of all, I knock out the typical distractions, by taking a (it will be real quick) look at

  •  Facebook
  • a news site
  • non-work email that is typically filled with emails selling something – one or two of which I click into to waste more time.

By this point, 30-45 minutes have been wasted.

By now I’m thinking, “just open up and put the earphones on Tanya”.

Instead, I start writing this story.

Now I’ve typed as much as I feel capable so I am thinking again… “pull up… you know it works for you, kicks the brain back into gear. You know it overcomes the procrastinatorrrr – every time.” But I don’t! Say whaaatt?!?!

Instead, I get up for a short walk around the studio to stretch the legs.

Now I’m back. Check my mobile for messages. Anything? Nothing.

Finally, I open I put on the earphones. And switch on my brain. Focus ignited.

I love! It works for me!

I hate that it takes me as long as this to get it playing. But – I am getting better.

What is Brain FM?

Everyday popular music is created to sound good, evoke feelings and get stuck in our heads… to make sales. All those features cause our brain to focus on the music – the lyrics, the melodies, the tempo, and beat. It interferes with our ability to focus on the task at hand.

The music within is created by scientists and composers specifically engineered to help us achieve and sustain deep focus. Every beat, note, and tone in music works together to help us get in the zone (and stay in the zone) exterminating the procrastinator.

How does Brain FM work?

Different types of music affect your brain in different ways. If you’re trying to focus, there’s scientifically a specific rhythm you should listen to. The core technology by is the enhancement of neural phase-locking (using music to drive highly synchronized activity across the brain via entrainment), and salience reduction (the detection and removal of distracting events). is not the same as the binaural beat. Although both involve acoustic modulation, uses a unique and patented method, including many other sound features designed to help you reach particular mental states.

Learn more about the science of here

How much does it cost?

You can find the latest pricing for here. I actually have a lifetime subscription as I was an early adopter 🙂

How can I get it?

Visit the website and sign up for a free trial.

You can download the app for iOS, or download the app for Android.

You can use for focus, relaxation, and sleep. I only use it for focus at this point. If you waste time every day, avoiding the tasks that need doing, then my strongest suggestion is to give a try.

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