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Profitable Project Plan Review

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A Profitable Project Plan review – written 7 months in to the program

Web designers and developers carry a lot of responsibility, especially when you are a freelancer, solopreneur or microagency. There is so much to do. You’ve got plans and ideas on how to make your business better and more efficient — but you are so bogged down in doing the work there’s just no way of getting ahead.

Let me guess, you are responsible for:

  • finding new leads, customers and projects
  • estimating website design projects
  • securing signed contracts and agreements
  • creating your own lead generation system and marketing
  • following up payments
  • building recurring revenue
  • paying the bills
  • designing and developing client websites not to mention all the other projects you’ve got on the books.


That has been my story for more than 15 years. During that time I’ve signed up, paid for, finished and not finished all types of workshops, courses and mastermind groups to try and get better, do better, build a better web design business.

There HAD to be a way of building up a better web design business and get the systems and tools in place that would empower me to do great work, wow my clients with value, without working every weekend and all while earning more!

But how do I get off the wheel and get it done?

Systems and processes are at the core of efficiency

Systems and processes help manage your workload, streamline the incoming and outgoing of clients, subcontractors and employees, and reduce the time wasted on repititive tasks and communications. I had started to systemise some things, but the business needed so much more – to be faster and smarter.

I am convinced, after 15 years of treading the same water growing nowhere, the first step towards increasing your income and profitability is the introduction of effective systems and processes. It sounds uninspiring to a creative but it is an absolute essential for a better web design business.

But creating and applying those systems needed more time that I just didn’t have to give.

More than a course – a web design business training and mentoring program

And then, last year I stumbled across yet another course to sign up for. But this program covered everything I knew my business needed — but just had no time to create on my own. More than “yet another course” it was a 10 month business training and mentorship program that included a whole range of “done for you” templates that I could integrate into my business. The content covered:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Recurring Revenue Systems


Everything I needed to streamline operations and increase my business’ profitability. I’ve not come across any other training program as comprehensive as this.

Profitable Project Plan
Profitable Project Plan is designed by Jennifer Bourn for fellow web design freelancers and micro-agencies, to improve their client communications, reduce project management timelines, create stronger profit margins, and yes, make you more money — without the stress and uncertainty of doing it alone. It is a done-for-you client management system and business training course.

The Profitable Project Plan Curriculum

The Profitable Project Plan curriculum includes:

  1. Sensible Sales – Mastering your critical money matters
  2. Client Management – Delivering an extraordinary client experience
  3. Lucrative Leads – Attracting all the clients you need
  4. Recurring Revenue – Stabilising your monthly cash flow
  5. Branding Blueprint – Creating powerful, profitable brands

The Profitable Project Plan Inclusions

Jennifer adjusts and improves the program content each year, but for my year the program included:

  • 35 live video trainings with companion workbooks
  • 35 live Q&A sessions
  • 1 Contract template, including change orders (customisable to your brand)
  • 2 Lead Magnets (customisable to your brand)
  • 7+ Phone Call Scripts (customisable to your brand)
  • 100+ Email Templates and Swipe Files (customisable to your brand)
  • 11 E-books & Educational Guides (customisable to your brand)
  • 32+ Checklists
  • 50+ Worksheets (with completed examples so you have sample answers)
  • 15 Expert Interviews
  • 8 Implementation Weeks (that’s extra time to apply what you’ve learned into your business)
  • Video & Audio Replays (available on demand)
  • Dynamic Facebook Community
  • 4 Bonus Trainings (this could be different for you)
  • Lifetime Access to future course updates


See that last one? I didn’t realise I would have lifetime access when I first enrolled so that takes the pressure off! Enrolments open in November and the program commences in the New Year.

My Main Appreciations

Live Trainings Not Too Early

The course facilitator, Jennifer Bourn, is based in the US. I am in Australia. Typically, the time zone differences usually means US based live trainings take place at 2-3 am. I am not a morning person. In this program the live trainings were at 5am Quensland time. That was a significant bonus for me. The live trainings are recorded, so you can watch the replay at any stage, but I wanted to commit to showing up for the lives.

Website Reviews by Industry Experts

A part of the program is to have your own website reviewed by Jennifer and/or other key players in the field. I had 2 pages of my site reviewed live which, while quite nerve racking to put your hand up, was an absolute wealth of information. Having Chris Lema give his thoughts and suggestions  on my home page was absolutely awesome!

No Copywrite Concerns on Templates Provided

The quality of all the content is 100%. You can literally copy and paste email templates into your own CRM with little changes needed. Certainly you are encouraged to customise to suit your market but you are also able to keep it exactly the same with no Copywrite concerns. A huge time saver. Thanks Jen!

What did I think of the Profitable Project Plan program?

While I haven’t finished the program yet, it is by far the ONLY course I’ve started and known to deliver on its promises. I have been implementing the training into my business as I go along. Already I have doubled what I used to charge for a website development project. I know — that sounds like the salesy cliche you’d expect from a fake review, (I’ve read plenty of them and rolled my eyes… 10X, 100X… well I’ve not gone that far but I am happy with my 2X for now) but that is exactly why I am writing this Profitable Project Plan review. “If only” I had completed this program years before now!

I will be telling every web design business builder I come across to invest in this course. And the investment is highly affordable even for a struggling startup. I’ve paid much more for an online course, with less inclusions and no results.

If you’re a small team with big dreams for a better web design business – then this is the next step for you! Consider this post a personal message from your future you! 🙂

If you’d like to find out more details on this web design business training >> Click Here for Full Details on Profitable Project Plan

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