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5 TOP LEAD MAGNETS for Coaches and Consultants

Lead Generation

Wondering which type of magnets have had the best success for businesses like yours? Listed below are the 5 top trending lead magnet types for your industry.

Discovery Calls

Discovery Calls or Free Consultation Calls are probably the most common lead magnet used by coaches and consultants. Offering advice in your field can demonstrate your value to prospective clients. For effective results, focus on helping them resolve a problem instead of turning it into a selling opportunity.

PROS: Calls can help attract new prospects who will convert to clients in time. As a personalised experience, it helps build a real-world relationship, a big factor in most buying decisions.

CONS: Prospects may not know/like/trust you enough to schedule an appointment. They can be time-consuming for you as you invest your time in every call. The time investment limits the number of calls you can give out in a day/week.

  • Make sure you follow a set outline. This will help keep you on track and within the time limit, you have set. It will also help ensure you build in value. It helps you check off everything that needs to be covered and move you to the next step – asking them to work with you.
  • Use an application process that filters out those people who are not your ideal clients before spending your time with them.
  • Discovery calls and consults can be done over the phone, Skype, web calls or even in person.


Webinars (especially live interactive ones) allow you to give feedback to viewers in real-time. A pre-recorded webinar is also a good option for first timers so you can edit out any errors and set specific dates and times for releasing the sessions.

PROS: They are the next best thing to live public presentations. A webinar on a super hot topic that solves a problem for your target audience can definitely help you grow your list and gather leads. Webinars are also fantastic for selling higher ticket services and products because they allow you to showcase your knowledge, create rapport with your audience, and explain the benefits of what you’re selling.

CONS: Webinars are not the easiest lead magnet to create as it does require some tech to set up the application, audio and video functions. It can also take time for you to create the visuals and the script. It is a lot to ask a cold lead to spend 45 minutes to an hour of their time with you before they know what you have to offer, so signups may be difficult when starting out. It can also be a challenge for business owners who don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a group, though this is where pre-recorded webinars can ease you in.

  • I’d recommend you put webinars in the second step of your lead funnel.
  • Host your first few webinars live to get a feel for what works best for your audience.
  • Always record your webinars so you can reuse the replays for more leads. Replays can be used in an evergreen webinar format where it continually runs generating new leads.

Best Lead Magnet Types

Cheat Sheets and Checklists

Cheat sheets help people save time, money and sometimes their sanity. Use them to teach your ideal clients how to do something better, faster, cheaper, etc. This will quickly build credibility and have them looking to you as an authority or a trusted guide.

PROS: Super easy lead magnets to create! They demonstrate your knowledge and help your audience get results. They are great for the first step in a funnel.

CONS: They are widespread, so a bit overdone. Come up with something truly unique, from a creative angle or for an untapped niche.

  • Pick an important step of your signature system you take clients through. Use that as the topic of your lead magnet. That way there is a “next step” for your audience to take after they get their initial results.
  • Similar to ebooks, increase the perceived value of your cheat sheet or checklist by making it look gorgeous with professional graphic design. Yes, content matters. But potential customers will develop an attitude about your business and service based on the appearance of your marketing activities. Include your brand elements so it matches your website. If you’re a DIY’er, check out Canva for some nice templates or hire someone to pretty it up!


Challenges are a time sensitive activity with a desired goal as the outcome. 7, 14, 21, 30-day challenges are common. Team your challenge with a private Facebook group to foster involvement amongst participants, build relationships, and develop an encouraging environment to achieve the goals.

PROS: Challenges are great for generating enthusiasm and building motivation towards achieving a goal. They are also the perfect tool for building a community around a particular niche. When successfully completed they are great lead-ins to a bigger goal.

CONS: Keeping the motivation so people reach their goals is critical. It can be time-consuming to moderate the flow of questions when incorporating a Facebook group, so plan your content ahead of time so you can focus on interacting with your audience during the event.

  • Challenges are an excellent means of growing the lead lists of health and wellness coaches and personal trainers.
  • Challenges are fantastic for building a community around your specific niche.
  • Create a private Facebook group to make it easy for participants to engage with each other, ask questions, and get to know you. This also helps build “content” as they build discussions and offer support to each other, which helps ease some of the “content creation” burden.
  • Consider limiting the number of participants to help make it manageable. This also builds in a scarcity factor which is a common technique to encourage sign-ups.
  • If you find you have one or two people in the group who are especially informative and active in the group you could ask them to get involved as a group moderator, which again helps ease some of the burdens.
  • Use Facebook Live Videos within the group to help your audience get to know you and develop trust.
  • Leverage your email platform to send out updates and resources to guide your participants through the challenge.


Quizzes are fun and can be created quickly. They can range from simple quizzes to in-depth assessments. The information entered and the results also give you valuable insight into your lead demographics.

PROS: We all love to learn about ourselves! Personality quizzes or self-assessments are a great way to intrigue your ideal clients. They are quick and easy to create and quick and easy for your audience to consume delivering immediate results.

CONS: Quizzes have been very popular so some people may be sick of them. Overcome this by ensuring the quiz answers a burning question or resolves a common problem amongst your ideal clients. Make sure the topic of the quiz is relevant to your brand and that it guides your leads on to the next step in your funnel.

  • Self-assessments particularly lend themselves well to coaches and consultants. People take on your coaching/consulting services because there is something about themselves they want to improve. So they are already in the headspace of assessing where they are at and what needs to be changed.
  • So much happens on the mobile now, so make sure your quiz is easy to take on a mobile device.
  • Lock the results for your quiz behind an email opt-in so your quiz is an effective list building tool.
  • Keep the language in your quiz positive to build a good rapport. If your lead doesn’t get a high score on your quiz, still tell them how fantastic they are. Then show how they can get better results by doing X, Y, and Z.
  • You can send each participant to a customized results page. You can even create a personalized call to action to take the next step in your funnel depending on the results they got.
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