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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Website Optimisation for Search


If you want your business to grow like crazy, you need to start by optimising your website for organic search! By improving your rank in the search engines, you’ll bring in more customers, turnover and credibility. Website optimisation – it’s a no-brainer!

1. Attract More Traffic + Potential Customers

A well-optimised website increases the amount of visibility your website is given in search engine pages, boosting the amount of web traffic and potential customers.

If the content on your website has been crafted in such a fabulous way that it also convinces your website visitors that you are their best option, and clearly shows the simple “next step” they should take with you, the increased traffic should result in more inquiries.

Organic search is often the primary source of website visits. That’s when people click on your links in a web search that aren’t paid ads. So increasing your potential for more customers in the business begins by improving your website so it ranks higher in search pages, attracting a larger pool of potentials from which you can convert new customers.

2. Generate Better Quality Inquiries = Potential Increased Turnover

An optimised website delivers your business “higher quality” inquiries, that is, visitors who are more aligned to your “ideal customer”.

That means, your website visitors will be people who are looking for what you offer and prepared to pay what you ask.

One tactic in website optimisation, is to ensure that the content on the pages includes the words your customers use when searching. An effective way to achieve this is by answering the common questions they enter into Google (or ask Siri and Alexa). The impact of this is that your website visitors are going to be of a “better quality”.

That means, people who are specifically looking for the product, service or solution you provide. Increasing the amount of traffic to your website, with people who meet the characteristics of your target market and are seeking out your solutions, can result in higher conversions. This of course, will ultimately lead to an increase in your business turnover. Goals!.

3. Create Trust and Credibility

The increased visibility your website will receive in search engines also translates into increased trust and credibility for your business.

Having more of your website pages appearing higher up in search results for a higher number of search terms is the ultimate goal of search engine optimisation and the reward of well optimised web pages. Optimising your website is a long term strategy, a process that builds up over time, especially if you continue fine-tuning improvements and adding relevant content.

Why website optimisation matters

Why should you be investing more time, thought, energy and perhaps money into your website – when all of that has already been done and spent?

Quite often, especially in small and micro businesses, a website is developed without a planned approach to the content and its place within search engines. The focus is to just get online and give the business an online presence. Even when a proper strategy was considered and a copywriter employed, the inclusion of website tracking like Google Analytics, can help you to better understand how your content is working. Is it being found? Are visitors engaged? Is it convincing them to take action?

Once that initial investment is made to develop the website, it really is important to keep honing and building on what you’ve started. Especially if you want the website to become a valuable asset in your business. Even more so, if you want a website you can rely on to help increase customers and turnover.

Local SEO is one of the most overlooked opportunities

With all that said, too many business owners do not give their website the SEO attention, the business is begging for. Why? Because they think it is too hard; or it doesn’t really do anything; or it will cost too much money. To the point, that local SEO for small business is one of the most overlooked opportunities for improving business success. The good news is – that means it is still an effective way for you to get ahead of your competition.

The harsh reality is, if you don’t give your website the attention search engines demand, you and your business will suffer in the long term. You will experience:

  • stunted growth through lack of conversions;
  • diminishing customer growth as your competition starts attracting your potential customers; and
  • decreased visibility as your competitor websites start taking up more search engine real estate.

The website optimisation struggle is real

I understand why you put optimising your website in the too hard basket. I did that myself for many years – and I build websites! (Disclaimer: this was several years back when SEO was just starting to evolve.) But once I learned more about SEO and website optimisation, I realised it wasn’t as complex as I thought.

After optimising my website for certain service pages of my business – I could see the website was receiving more traffic daily. The increased traffic led to more inquiries and the business started seeing an increase in turnover. Brilliant. Your business can experience the same.

If you are like most small business owners, you probably just don’t know how your website measures up within search engines. And you don’t know what to look for never mind how to fix things so the site is better.

Good News: You can see your website from the Search Engine viewpoint

Providing a way for my customers to see how search engines see their website is why I invested in a website SEO grading platform. It gives my customers (and you) quick, easy access to a birds-eye view of what their website is doing right and wrong from the search engine viewpoint.

If you’re thinking your website needs improvements but don’t  know what to do or where to start, a Website Audit is the quickest and easiest first step you can take. And, it’s free.

Here are the 4 simple steps to reviewing your website:

STEP 1: Simply pop in your details and wait a few seconds for the software to scan your website

You will get immediate access to a beautiful report that is easy to read with actionable steps to get started. The grader looks at 21 factors that have the biggest impact on your website rankings.

STEP 2: Start optimising your website DIY by following its tips on “how to fix” or send the report to your website developer to implement for you

The report lists each of those factors and indicates whether your website passed or failed. The items that failed will have a brief explainer of how to fix it, and where to learn more.

The grader report is simply to give you an idea of how things are looking with your website. It provides a good starting point for you or your website developer. But there will certainly be more advanced improvements you can make further down the track.

STEP 3: If DIY isn’t your thing, and you don’t have easy access to a website developer then contact Artifex Studio

We have a number of local SEO services that help build a stronger SEO foundation and strategies that will help you keep building on that foundation. Social Media posts only have a short lifespan. However SEO is a long term strategy that builds up momentum and improves over time – when the foundations are good.

STEP 4: Read about the seven simple steps I applied to my website, that changed its performance in search

I’ve outlined in another post, the seven steps I made to optimise my website a couple of years ago that has lead to more traffic and inquiries about particular services. You can use this as a guide and another starting point for making improvements.

So, what do you think? Can you see how optimising your website for organic search can be the catalyst for change? Change that will see your website rank higher in search engines and direct more inquiries to your business. Inquiries from people with the potential to convert more customers, resulting in increased turnover and credibility.

Take the step towards more traffic + more customers + more credibility

Imagine if Google sent twice as much traffic to your website today! What would that mean to your business? It could mean twice as many inquiries directing more business your way. All while establishing you as the expert in your field.

Make your first step our FREE SEO Website Grader. It is quick, easy, free and a great starting point.

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