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10 Fabulous Fonts for Print on Demand Products, Logo and Social Media

Packaging Design, Social Media Marketing

If you’re planning to create your own logo design, social media posts or print on demand mugs, posters and apparel – the secret to a winning design that customers fall in love is found in the font!

Are you wanting to create something super special, that stands out in your customers’ social feeds?

Or are you designing a logo or print on demand (POD) product that needs to speak your message simply by its style?

If so, our curation of fabulous fonts will set your design apart from the saturated consumer market.

Keep on reading below our font selction for some “Font Facts” you should consider when using free fonts in your logo or POD designs.

Glowing Brush

Glowing Brush is a hand painted brush font with natural and beautifully brushed lettering. A calligraphy style with decorative end characters and a dancing baseline! This font is perfect for use in ink or watercolor based designs that produce natural handwriting. This style of font is well suited to logo designs, branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging, mugs, quotes, posters, shopping bags, t-shirts, book covers, name cards, invitations, greeting cards, and any other stylish and lovely project.

Glowing Brush Regular

Apple Jam

Look how sweet and friendly the Apple Jam handwritten font is! Whether you’re looking for a stand out font to use in your Instagram posts or unique calligraphy script for POD projects, this font will transform your creative ideas into a delicious piece of art!

Apple Jam

Stairway Regular

Stairway is an elegant calligraphy script style of font with exquisite character changes. It is a beautiful decorative script with a modern twist, designed with a high attention to detail to create an elegant font style. Stairway is suited to smooth, clean, feminine and glamorous designs that still require something simple and easy to read. It is perfect for use in invitations, labels, restaurant menus, logos, fashion, makeup, stationery, book and magazine covers, greeting cards, and packaging designs. This classy font includes 392 alternative characters and elegant ties.

Stairway Regular

Hanisha Lovely

Hanisha Lovely is a modern calligraphy font delicately designed with skill and care with flourishes of love. Perfect for feminine logos, business cards and branding materials, Mother’s Day and Valentines Day greeting cards, print on demand T-shirt designs, mugs, posters, and social media posts! Hanisha is a luxuriously lovely font.

Hanisha Lovely

Tattooflash Fingers

Looking for a tattoo font? Tattooflash Fingers was specially designed for Finger Tattooing. The Glyphs come in 3 sizes for short fingers, normal fingers and long fingers. If you are looking for a contemporary tattoo font style then this feature font is just for you.

Tattooflash Fingers


Fadello is a handwritten signature script with a natural & stylish flow, making it perfectly suited to signature logo design, stationery, typography quotes, magazine and book cover artworks, POD clothing and product packaging designs. A handwritten script font containing upper and lowercase characters, numerals and a large range of punctuation, Fadello is a must-have signature script that has a diverse set of alternates that aid in producing uniquely stylish creations.



Wanderlust is a beautiful collection of hand painted scripts with new versions in Decorative, Boho, Chic, Shine, Gold, Caps, and Ornaments. This font has proven immensely popular with sets of basic alternates, decorative alternates, and ligatures. The new Wandlerlust Caps is a perfect choice for headlines since it’s an all uppercase font. But don’t be afraid to mix it up with all the others in the Wanderlust family. Combine all Wanderlust fonts with Ornaments to create truly unique hand painted typography art that will impeccably enhance your magazine, product packaging, advertising, branding, posters and website designs.

Wanderlust Chic Pro

Christel Wagner

Christel Wagner Regular is a decorative font perfect for Christmas designs, T-shirt and old era artworks.

Christel Wagner Regular


Tallitha is a stylish handwritten font that looks cute, elegant and stylish. This style of handwritten font is still a fashion trend on POD T-shirt design but is also well suited to the on-trend signature style logo designs. Tallitha is well suited to social media posts, advertisements, logos & branding, invitation designs, product labels and packaging designs, stationery, wedding designs and print on demand products.



Kallem is a stylish modern calligraphy font with magical perfection for creating signature logos and watermarks for photography studio or wedding invitations. Kallem includes a full set of gorgeous upper and lower case letters, numerals, a large range of punctuation and 61 ligatures. All the lowercase letters include ending swashes, giving a realistic hand-lettered style.



Font facts to consider when using free fonts in your logo or POD designs

Fonts have different types of licenses, many of which do not permit use in trademarked logos or products you plan to sell.

Many startup designers don’t realise there is a complexity in font licensing. Each font foundry or font shop can create their own terms of use and pricing structure. A font license is always about how you can use the font – whether for personal or commercial use. If for commercial use, then there may be additional usage guidelines. For example, if using in a product that you plan to sell, they may have a set quantity it can be used for but if more are sold, then an extended license may be required. Permissions for printed items may be different to digital items. So it is important that you read the font license terms before you use them in your designs.

Our collection of curated fonts do come with a commercial license. However, you should always read the license terms as different designers will assign different permissions and allowances for their font’s usage.

Free fonts are used everywhere by everyone, therefore a purchased font is one of the best ways to create something unique.

Google fonts can be used in commercial projects without any usage restrictions. However, they are becoming well-used, commonly seen in many different formats. A standout font that is not freely available on design platforms like Canva or in Google fonts can make your design extra special and potentially more valuable.

Beautiful typography can make or break your design project.

Free fonts are often incomplete, or not as “well considered” in the nuances of the lettering shape and space. Professionally designed fonts for commercial use are usually better designed, visibly seen in the proportions and curves of the letters, and through the inclusion of alternate characters and flourishes. Beautifully designed fonts like these create a typographic aesthetic that captures your audience’s attention.

Why buy fonts when there are so many free fonts?

Font designers, are designers, just like you and me. I’ve always considered, that if I want people to pay me for my creations, then I too should willingly pay for others creations as well. But as I am sure you will experience over time, purchased fonts are a class above most free fonts found on the internet. If you are aiming to create designs that are likewise a class above the likes of Canva and all the other DIY design platforms available then professionally designed, commercial fonts are your first stop. In addition, is the licensing issue raised above. And as a reminder, before using any of the fonts listed in this post, please check the designer’s licensing guidelines before you use them in your creations.


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