7 Ways To Distribute Flyers & Increase Customers

Printing flyers is still a common marketing tool. But it is one that costs money right (design, printing, distributing)?! So it’s important then, that you use and distribute them in a way that is going to get you the best return on those marketing dollars. Here are my tips on how to get the best out of your new flyers.

Location, location, location

Local small businesses are open and willing to support other local small businesses. Be bold and ask local business owners if they will allow you to have some flyers on their counter tops or tables. Remember though, location is important. Consider these things first:

  • is the business located in an area you serve
  • are your ideal customers likely to frequent this business
  • does the business get frequent customer traffic
  • does the values of the business align with your own

Perfect examples are:

  • coffee shops
  • hair and beauty salons
  • takeaway shops
  • libraries and community centres
  • bars, pubs
  • local tourism venues and information centres

Two tips I have for you:

  1. If the flyers will be lying down on a counter/table top you can get away with thinner paper stock (eg 80-150gsm) which is cheaper to print. However, help out the local business owner by using a clip or band around the flyer bundle so that they don’t fly away in a breeze or get scattered and look untidy.
  2. If your flyers will be propped up in a flyer holder have them printed on a thicker stock (eg 200-400 gsm). Then they won’t flop over in the holder. This means they will be seen and it looks tidy for the shop owner. Provide your own holder if they don’t have one already. They are relatively cheap and easily found in office supplies shops.

But of course, get their permission first and ask what their preference is in the positioning and storage of the flyers.

Publication Pull-Outs

Another way to tap into a wider audience base is to insert your flyer into industry publications, local newspapers and other locally produced papers/brochures.

No doubt you are familiar with opening up your local newspaper and having a bundle of flyers fall out. This is a valid way for wider distribution. If the content and messaging on the flyer hits the mark, then it can produce the results. Simply contact the publication for an outline of costs and distribution areas.

But have you also noticed the smaller community created brochures or mini newspapers of what’s happening in the area? They are still around and are still being read while people wait for their orders and meals. Again, find those that belong to the areas your customers dwell and contact the publishers. They are more often than not eager to have new content and might allow for flyers to be inserted.

Industry and Business Events

Small, local business expos and events are on the rise. And they are always on the hunt for sponsors. You might be surprised to find that a low range sponsorship is not as expensive as you imagined, and depending on how they define their sponsorship tiers, many will include a flyer inserted into their event bags. These are easy to research through local Council and business networking groups websites and Facebook pages.

Cross Promote with Another Business

Find another business that serves the same “type” of customer you do, that offers a different yet complimentary service or product to your own. Simply swap flyers and co-distribute each others flyers to your own customers.

I have a small DL sized folder that I hand out to new clients. It includes information about the services I offer, but then I will also include flyers of other businesses that I think they might be interested in.

Community Noticeboards

Shopping Centres still have community noticeboards and people still find themselves lingering around reading what’s on them. Get your flyer on the board.

Hand Out the Old Fashioned Way

Handing flyers out on the street, at the markets, at local events, in letterbox drops is still a great way to promote something local. Whether your’s is a business near by or a home-grown startup, getting the word out to those around you can still be best done the old-fashioned way.

Team your flyer hand out with a confident well versed spiel about who your business is, a branded T-shirt or cap can create impact and an awesome first impression. No budget for branded clothing? Just have stickers printed and placed on your shirt and cap, event home printed iron-on screen prints will do for this.

A couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • get permission where required
  • be respectful of other businesses nearby (you don’t want to be upsetting their customers)
  • look for people who appear interested and don’t be pushy if they aren’t
  • BE BRAVE 🙂

Networking Groups and Events

Get involved in your local business or community networking groups and events. Be mindful of who your ideal customer is and where you will find them, but also remember that, in business, it’s not always about marketing to your customer. Business networking groups are the perfect place to find those other business owners who might allow you to distribute your flyers at their premises or cross promote with you. Being in business is about building relationships with your customers, suppliers, and like minded business owners.