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Our 5 FAVE TOP LEAD MAGNETS for Counsellor and Psychologist Businesses

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Updated May 2021
Wondering which type of lead magnets have had the best success for counselling businesses like yours? Listed below are the 5 top trending lead magnet types for counsellors and psychologists. Keep reading to the end for 7 Lead Magnet ideas specifically for counsellors.

1. Audio Training

There is a range of resources you can make available online that visitors could use to self-manage their mental health. Downloadable audio files with guided meditations are one simple example you could create yourself quite easily.

They can be a single file download or part of a series. They are a complete stand-alone educational piece that provides information about a topic or teaches your prospects to do something. Audio downloads do very well in markets where your audience is usually busy and prefers to consume content on the go (eg while walking or driving).

PROS: Becoming popular again as they can be consumed while multitasking.

CONS: Perhaps the least exciting of lead magnets as they don’t have an inspiring visual element to them.

2. Ebook

Ebooks are the perfect tool to address topics and issues your business has the solution to. The PDF format is preferable since it is usable on most devices. Ebooks are wide and varied. They are a means of sharing information about a key topic or focus area. For counsellors, there are many options available depending on your specialty or ideal client. Consider the following:

  • Recipes that could foster specific physical improvements such as foods to help mental focus, gut health, better sleeping
  • Information about the benefits of counseling for children or teenagers. Written for parents who want more information for a loved one.
  • A guide on how one half of a couple could approach their partner for couples counseling

PROS: Easy to create as there are many ebook generator tools online. Most word processing programs also output as a PDF.

CONS: Even though the lead magnet is free, it shouldn’t look cheap and dodgy. Invest in quality design and quality content.

Free 5 Day Leead Challenge

3. Calendars and Planners

Calendars and personal planners are possibly the most common counsellor lead magnets. They can help your audience access daily inspirations and daily schedules that can help them foster a better life balance. Think about life planners, family calendars, journals, even your signature system laid out as a calendar with recommended daily routines. Calendars offer prepared “do this / then” insights that people like as it helps them save time.

PROS: They can be supplied in both a digital and printed format.

CONS: Can be time-consuming to set up. If set to specific days/dates then they are limited to the current year.

4. Assessments/Quizzes

Assessments and quizzes are fun and can be created quickly. They can range from simple quizzes to in-depth assessments. The information entered and the results also give you valuable insight into your lead demographics.

PROS: We all love to learn about ourselves! Personality quizzes or self-assessments are a great way to intrigue your ideal clients. They are quick and easy to create and quick and easy for your audience to consume delivering immediate results.

CONS: Quizzes have been very popular so some people may be sick of them. Overcome this by ensuring the quiz answers a burning question or resolves a common problem amongst your ideal clients. Make sure the topic of the quiz is relevant to your brand and that it guides your leads on to the next step in your funnel.

  • Consider a life diagnostic tool that assesses three critical areas of success to live a “best life”. You choose what those 3 areas would be > work, family, love, relationships, health, goals. Sorting out ones whole life would be near impossible, but providing insight into 3 specific areas – that’s doable.
  • Self-assessments particularly lend themselves well to life coaches, counsellors and consultants. People take on your services because there is something about themselves they want to improve. So they are already in the headspace of assessing where they are at and what needs to be changed.
  • So much happens on the mobile now, so make sure your quiz is easy to take on a mobile device.
  • Lock the results for your quiz behind an email opt-in so your quiz is an effective list building tool.
  • Keep the language in your quiz positive to build a good rapport. If your lead doesn’t get a high score on your quiz, still tell them how fantastic they are. Then show how they can get better results by doing X, Y, and Z.
  • You can send each participant to a customized results page. You can even create a personalized call to action to take the next step in your funnel depending on the results they got.

5. Cheat Sheets, Checklists and Listicles

Cheat sheets help people save time, money and sometimes their sanity. Use them to teach your ideal clients how to do something better, faster, cheaper, etc. This will quickly build credibility and have them looking to you as an authority or a trusted guide.

PROS: Super easy lead magnets to create! They demonstrate your knowledge and help your audience get results. They are great for the first step in a funnel.

CONS: They are widespread, so a bit overdone. Come up with something truly unique, from a creative angle or for an untapped niche.

  • In-Person counselors and psychologists are typically confined by their location – serving those within a set region. This doesn’t have to be a limitation in business, however. You can create Top 10 Cheat Sheets or Listicles of:
    • Top questions you should ask before choosing your Counselor/Psychologist
    • Best locations for family day trips in your region to strengthen family relationships
    • Strategies to manage common child behaviour issues
  • Pick an important step of your signature system you take clients through. Use that as the topic of your lead magnet. That way there is a “next step” for your audience to take after they get their initial results.
  • Similar to ebooks, increase the perceived value of your cheat sheet or checklist by making it look gorgeous with professional graphic design. Yes, content matters. But potential customers will develop an attitude about your business and service based on the appearance of your marketing activities. Include your brand elements so it matches your website. If you’re a DIY’er, check out Canva for some nice templates or hire someone to pretty it up!

Lead Magnet Ideas For Counsellors and Counselling Businesses

  1. A complimentary counselling session (phone or video). A great way to get people in the door and show them what you do.
  2. An e-book. This can be an introduction to your business or a more detailed look at one specific topic or treatment specialty.
  3. A downloadable PDF with tips for how to find a counsellor best suited to their needs. This gives people some direction when they’re looking for help.
  4. A downloadable PDF of questions people should ask before choosing a counsellor. This gives people some direction when they’re looking for help.
  5. A checklist of things that might trigger someone’s trauma. Best when specific to particular concerns or treatment areas.
  6. An article on why therapy is important for everyone, not just those who are struggling with mental health issues.
  7. Downloadable worksheets that they can use in their counselling sessions, or as part of after treatment care.

We hope that this blog post has helped you to make a decision about which type of lead magnet will be best for your counselling business. If not, we recommend downloading our free Lead Magnet Playbook to get even more ideas that are equally suitable for counsellors and psychologists!

Are you ready to take your Psychology and Counsellor Lead Magnets SERIOUSLY?

Well those are our top picks for counsellor lead magnets, BUT there are a whole lot more possibilities. That’s why we have created the Lead Magnet Playbook that gives more information on 20 different lead magnets and even more insight into how you can use lead magnets in your counselling business. Click here to get your free copy of the Lead Magnet Playbook. But Lead Magnets are just one part of a bigger engine – FUNNELS!!. So we have also created a series about funnels. Start learning more about sales funnels here.


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