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How to track your online marketing activities

Assuming you are already set up with some form of analytics on your website, the following will guide you through how you can track your online marketing activities that take place outside of your website domain - in blog...
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The Morning’s Washing

Do you ever get to work and then “it” strikes….eek, “Did I turn the iron off?” or “Ah, I forgot to hang the clothes out!” or (in my case) “Did I bring the cat tray inside?” My working day typically...
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eBooks and Digital Publishing – saving on many levels

The term ebook is short for “electronic book”. It is read digitally on a computer. Ebooks are increasingly growing in popularity. They are easy and cheap to produce and distribute. They can include video, audio, hyperlinks and animation as...
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5-1 Checklist Webpage Optimiser

Use this basic 5-1 checklist for optimising your website pages so to get better search results for your online website marketing. Write a keyword rich title for each page of your website. Check that your website has a description...
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Finding your gift

This week I attended “Gifted to Lead” a forum lead by Nancy Beach of Willow Creek Church. This was an awesome event guiding us chickies down the pathway of leadership. In particular, it helped me identify some potential gifts...