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5 Tips on Automating Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or other sort of social media professional, you want your social media tasks to be more efficient. You certainly don’t want to sacrifice quality, but you want to spend more time with...
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25+ Stock Image Websites for FREE Photos

Great images matter! Even more so, using images that you have the rights/permissions to use matter! Stock photo corporations now use technology to scan websites for illegally used images, and you do not want to be one to receive their...
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Christmas Card Marketing – does it matter?

It is November and the fist batch of fruit mince pies have hit the store shelves. We are entering in to THE SEASON! It is around this time that thoughts of Christmas marketing SHOULD start to cross our minds. Business Christmas...
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How Website Maintenance Affects Your Business

I had some fantastic feedback from our email last month about your Business’ Judgement Day. Yes it really was a true story! You can read it again here if you missed it (it was during the holidays after all).

There were 2 questions that were commonly asked by many of you…

“How does website maintenance, or lack of it, really affect my business?”
“What am I actually getting for my money each month?”
Good questions from great people. Here is what you need to know!…

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Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

What is a "Mobile Friendly" website? A "mobile friendly" (or mobile responsive) website is one that correctly displays the content of a website on small screens. The site adapts to whatever size screen it's being displayed on. Regardless of what device...
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Why do I receive spam emails from my own address?

When you are receiving emails from your own account, there are 2 possibilities at play: Your email account has been hacked and used to send spam Your email address has been spoofed To find out which is the likely event, log in to...
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Put to Pulp Procrastinating with a Pomodoro

Are you losing control of your day due to procrastination? Are small interruptions like phone calls, Skype, e-mails and the fridge getting in the way of completing those tasks that absolutely must get finished? And let's not even start...